Hoops Family Children’s Hospital receives “Comfort Bears” from local Eagle Scout

Friday, June 2, 2023

Tristan Byus, a local Eagle Scout from Troop 17, has donated 109 handmade stuffed bears to the pediatric patients at Hoops Family Children’s Hospital (HFCH). The idea for his service project, coined “Comfort Bears,” was born from his desire to provide comfort for children in the hospital.

Comfort Bears Donation from Local Eagle Scout

On Friday, June 2, 2023, Tristan Byus, an Eagle Scout with Troop 17, donated 109 Comfort Bears to the pediatric patients at Hoops Family Children’s Hospital. Tristan designed the bears with various fabrics and patterns to allow patients to choose one that best fit their preferences during their hospital stay. He said the fabric was donated by other Scout moms, with sewing assistance from his parents, aunt and grandmother. (L-R): Abbi Watts, HFCH Child Life Coordinator; Julia Bice, HFCH Child Life Intern; Tristan Byus, Troop 17 Eagle Scout; and Stephanie Cape, HFCH Child Life Specialist.

“I chose Hoops Family Children's Hospital as the beneficiary for my project because I wanted to help children in the hospital have less fear and be more relaxed by having stuffed bears,” Byus said. “I got the idea from a similar project done by an Eagle Scout in another state. I decided to go with this type of project because I wanted to diverge from other Eagle projects, which usually involve construction or building outdoor objects.”

Byus, a Boy Scout since the first grade, designed the bears with different fabrics and patterns that can be customized to each patient’s preferences. Byus said he hopes his project, which resulted in 128 service hours, inspires others to help children in need.

“I hope that other Scouts will see the impact of helping children and may be inspired to do a similar project or potentially do the same project in the future,” Byus said.

Byus will be a sophomore at Winfield High School (WHS) next year, where he currently serves as a member of the WHS Drumline/Marching Band.

To learn how you can contribute to HFCH pediatric patients, please visit www.mountainhealthfoundations.org/giving.