Hoops Family Children’s Hospital is First Center of Excellence

Friday, September 13, 2019

Mountain Health Network (MHN) has selected Hoops Family Children’s Hospital (Hoops) at Cabell Huntington Hospital as its first Center of Excellence (COE).

To be named a MHN Center of Excellence, the clinical area must be recognized by the medical community, the public and accrediting bodies as providing the most expert and highest level of compassionate and innovative care. 

“Growing key services to a level of national recognition for quality, efficiency and service is a cornerstone of Mountain Health Network,” stated Michael Mullins, president and CEO, MHN. “Thank you to the physicians, leadership and staff from both hospitals who have worked together over the past several months to establish the criteria and unanimously select Hoops. Their work has provided the foundation for building a regional system worthy of national recognition.”

To realize the benefits of a COE, all pediatric services and staff on both campuses have been transistioned to Hoops. The Regional Heart Center at St. Mary’s Medical Center has been selected as the next COE. Plans for integrating cardiovascular services and making SMMC the regional destination for cardiac care will be announced in the coming months.