Infusion Solutions continuing to provide comprehensive infusion therapy to community through new ownership agreement

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The board of Infusion Solutions has reached a new ownership agreement, allowing the company to continue to provide comprehensive infusion therapy to the Tri-State.

The new ownership agreement became necessary after the closure of Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital (OLBH) in Ashland. OLBH was a part owner of Infusion Solutions, in partnership with St. Mary’s Medical Center (SMMC) in Huntington, Charleston Area Medical Center (CAMC) in Charleston and St. Claire HealthCare (SCH) in Morehead. With the closure, the three remaining hospitals agreed to purchase equal shares of OLBH’s ownership.

“Infusion Solutions provides a valuable service by allowing patients to receive intravenous medication therapy in their homes. We are excited that this service will continue for the patients of the tri-state area,” said Brian E. Sayre, PharmD, Infusion Solutions board chair and health system director of pharmacy, CAMC. “Additionally, the board extends its sincere appreciation to Our Lady of Bellefonte in working with all the member hospitals so that this service will continue to provide outstanding patient care.”

Infusion therapy products and services provided by Infusion Solutions pharmacies include antibiotics, pain management, hydration electrolytes, total parenteral nutrition (TPN) and chemotherapy. Providing these therapies in the home allows the patients to be discharged from the hospital, which lowers the cost of care, while still receiving the therapeutic treatment they need. During the COVID-19 pandemic, home treatment has become an important option for those patients who feel unable to leave their home.

With two pharmacy locations in Ashland and Charleston, the company serves 31 counties in West Virginia, 12 counties in Ohio and 26 counties in Kentucky. Both pharmacies are accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC).

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