Women’s Philanthropy Society Accepting Nominations for Outstanding Tri-State Women

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Nominations are being accepted through Feb. 17 for three awards from the Women’s Philanthropy Society of Cabell Huntington Hospital (CHH).

The Christie Kinsey Focus Award, the Kitty Hage Lifetime Achievement Award and the Abigail McNeely Youth Service Award will be presented at the 23rd annual Women’s Philanthropy Society’s Luncheon Saturday, March 4, at the Guyan Golf and Country Club. These distinctive awards honor Tri-State women who exemplify the heart, strength and compassion of our community.

  • The Christie Kinsey Focus Award honors achievements in volunteerism, pioneering in women’s health, community service, professional achievement and home and family. The 2020 recipient was Kathy Hettlinger.
  • The Kitty Hage Lifetime Achievement Award presented to an individual whose life’s work has been dedicated to humanitarian efforts. The award is designed for someone who has not sought recognition for her deeds but has worked solely to better her community and the quality of life for others. The 2020 recipient was Susan Hage.
  • The Abigail McNeely Youth Services Award is presented to an individual under the age of 18 who has gone above and beyond to give back to an organization or community project. The 2020 recipient was Olivia Turman.

“The annual Women’s Philanthropy Luncheon affords attendees an opportunity to gather and honor women who are making a positive impact in our community,” said Christie Kinsey, founding member of the Women’s Philanthropy Society. “Every dollar donated to the luncheon supports women’s and children’s causes at Cabell Huntington Hospital. Each gift combines with others to create a larger gift, enabling everyone to be a philanthropist.”

Since its inception, the Women’s Philanthropy Society has donated nearly $400,000 toward women’s services at Cabell Huntington Hospital and children’s services at Hoops Family Children’s Hospital.

If you would like more information or to make a nomination, please call Beth Sparks Collins at 304.399.6854 or visit the Women’s Philanthropy Society web page at www.mountainhealthfoundations.org/news/wpsnominate to submit a nomination form.